Hail Traveler and Well Met! — Warm yourself by the hearth, take a gander at the wares, and let’s see if we can find your next adventure.

Whether it’s a tactical battleground or a scene ripe with intrigue and mystery, our aim is to provide you with maps that immerse your players and enhance the incredible stories you want to weave.


Crafted with a keen balance between functionality and aesthetics, our maps offer detailed, narrative-rich spaces that draw you into the depths of gameplay. Designed to offer diverse paths, they give your players ample room to explore your world, while providing you with endless opportunities to keep them on the edge of their seats.


$2 / Map

• handful of High-Quality
  battlemaps each month



•  Free access to map

$4 / Map

• Wanderer Perks +


• Additional Map variants


• Map Assets

$6 / Map

• Pathfinder PERKS +


• Adventure map packs

$10 / Map

• Trailblazer PERKS +


• Foundry vtt-ready


• Moulinette integration

Grab your gear, throw in your lot, and buckle in for adventure!

The Loot

Enhance your tabletop gaming experience and fuel your group’s creativity with our vast collection of maps.

As a patron, you gain access to our ENTIRE LIBRARY of maps. Each month, we unveil a handful of new maps along with additional bonus content.


Whether you’re just starting a campaign or reaching the climax of your story, our collection has something tailored for every stage of your journey.


Streamline your next gaming session effortlessly with our VTT-ready map packs. 


Patrons can unlock pre-configured Foundry VTT modules, allowing you to dive straight into the action. Say goodbye to tedious setup tasks like walls, lighting, levels, roofs, and fog of war—we’ve taken care of it all for you!

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Individual and Bundled Map Packs for Purchase

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Foundry VTT Modules

— Game-Ready FVTT Modules for your adventures —

— Pre-configured walls, lighting, levels, and roofs —

— Dive into your next adventure effortlessly and jumpstart your table's action. —

Looking to commission something specific?

Coming up on a big boss battle? Do your players need their own personalize hideout? 


If you’re seeking something tailor-made for your game, I’m here to lend a hand. Just let me know what you have in mind, and together we can turn your vision into reality. Let’s team up and bring your project to life!