Who's Bearworks?



My name is Nate, purveyor of content here at Bearworks. I weave tales and construct worlds through the art of cartography. I fell into mapmaking after taking up the mantle of game master at my own table where I discovered a passion for storytelling that resonated deeply with my players and myself.

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My Mission

There’s a certain magic in crafting maps, isn’t there? Each stroke breathes life into landscapes, buildings, and the inhabitants therein. Every detail serves to enrich the narrative, making the world feel vibrant and lived in. My aim is not just to provide a backdrop but to offer a canvas upon which your own stories can unfold, inviting exploration and adventure.


What truly inspires me is the thought of my creations finding homes on tables around the world, sparking the imaginations of players and inspiring the narratives of campaigns. It’s a collaborative journey, where each map becomes a shared story waiting to be told anew with every roll of the dice.


In crafting my maps, I draw inspiration from the darker, grittier aspects of fantasy. I’m drawn to unforgiving worlds where danger lurks around every corner, where heroes are tested not only by external threats but by their own inner demons. This penchant for the ominous and the unforgiving manifests in the tone, color palette, and settings of my work, creating landscapes that are as perilous as they are captivating.


So, fellow travelers, I invite you to explore the realms of Bearworks, where every map is a gateway to adventure and every stroke of the pen is a step deeper into the unknown. Together, let’s embark on a journey filled with wonder, danger, and endless possibilities.


— Nate


Have any questions? I am always open to talk about your commissions, new projects, creative opportunities and how I can help you.