Rural Blacksmith

Amidst the winding roads and rolling hills, a small-town blacksmith stands resolute, a bastion of strength and craftsmanship. The rhythmic clang of the hammer against the anvil resounds throughout the surrounding countryside, a symphony of metal and fire. Here, amidst the sparks and smoke, swords are born and shields are crafted, the perfect tools for adventurers braving the unknown.

Free and Full Versions

— 70, 100, & 140 ppi —

Pack Includes:
20×20 — Gridded & Non-Gridded

  • Base (Night) – The home, workshop, and storefront of a small blacksmith
  • Dusk – The golden glow of sunset beckons in a restful night
  • Winter (Night) – As the biting cold cuts the air, come within to warm yourself
Blacksmith Variant Battlemap Preview

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