Kodiak’s Keg Tavern

Nestled off the side of the dusty road a large tavern sits, beckoning weary travelers. The sound of raucous laughter and clinking glasses spilling out, filling the air with revelry. The dimly lit interior is filled with smoke and the aroma of strong ale, as patrons from all walks of life swap stories and share a drink amidst the flickering firelight. Cheers!

Free and Full Versions

— 70, 100, & 140 ppi —

Pack Includes: 40×30 — Gridded & Non-Gridded
  • Base – A large bustling tavern set just off the main road.
  • Dusk – The golden glow of sunset beckons in a night of revelry.
  • Winter – As the biting cold cuts the air, come within to warm yourself.
  • Night
Tavern Battlemap Variant Preview