Rural Bridge

A rural bridge, weathered by time and steeped in history, stands valiantly over the rushing currents of the swift river below. Its sturdy arches and worn stone tell tales of countless travelers who have crossed its threshold on their perilous journeys. A symbol of connection, uniting the neighboring communities and paving the way for intrepid souls to embark on their grand adventures and new horizons.

Free and Full Versions

— 70, 100, & 140 ppi —

Pack Includes:
40×40 — Gridded & Non-Gridded

  • Base (Night)– A sturdy bridge spans a swift river, connecting the road on each side
  • Simple (Night)– A simpler bridge version of the base map
  • Broken (Night)– A collapsed version of the simple bridge
  • Winter (Night)– Winter versions of all the other variants
Bridge Battlemap Variant Preview